Show Categories!

We now have nine great show categories to reflect all that we love about dogs!

  1. Best Puppy (<1yr) – We all swoon over cute little puppies! Do you know a puppy that would melt the Judges hearts?
  2. Best Senior Dog (7+yrs) – Is your dog like a fine wine?  Getting better and better with age?
  3. Most Obedient – How in tune with you is your canine friend? Do you know a dog that can understand and adhere to the requests from his or her owner?
  4. Most Handsome Male – Do you have, or know, a dog that people continually stop to pet or simply gaze at? This category is for him!
  5. Most Beautiful Female – Does your dog turn heads on the runway? do people give complements as you walk your dog?
  6. Best Rescue Dog (from animal shelter) – We all love the underdog that against all odds becomes a symbol of success! Love conquers all!
  7. Most Obsessed with Owner – Do you own, or know, a dog that is absolutely smitten with his/her owner? That simply cannot contain themselves at being reunited? We all know these dogs!
  8. Best Trick/Talent – All dogs have party tricks (or like to think so). But do you know a dog that really does have a talent or trick to wow spectators and judges? If the answer is yes, register!
  9. Most Impressive Outfit! – We have seen the pageant kings and queens with their elaborate, colorful costumes. Do you know a dog that has a killer outfit?

You can enter a dog in as many categories as you wish!

Category Prizes

Each category will be judged by the shows panel who will decide on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. In addition to receiving a rosette and enjoying your dogs sense of pride and achievement, your dog will also receive products and/or pet care services from our fabulous sponsor WagTime.

Category winners (1st place winners only) will automatically be entered to compete for 1st ($750), 2nd ($500), and 3rd ($250) place in the overall show.

Register For Categories Now!

Register today via Eventbrite to ensure we all get to experience the fabulousness of your wonderful dog! Registration is only $65 and includes entry to the event, gift bag, and admin fees. You can enter your dog in as many categories as you wish!